Accounting Consultant Resume Template

By | August 8, 2012

Accounting Consultant is required to give consultation on accounts related matters to the company officials as well as the external clients. It is essential to attain a degree in accountancy in order to get into this position. Most firms prefer hiring accounting consultants having prior work experience. It is suggested to go through Accounting Consultant Resume Template before preparing resume for this post.

Sample Accounting Consultant Resume Template 

_____________________ (Please write your name)

Summary of Achievements: _________________________ (Here you are required to mention in brief about your education, experience and skills)

Preferred Job Location: _______________________ (Please write your preferred job location in the blank space here)

My Work Experience                                                                    

  • I am employed as a _________________ (In this space write your designation) at ___________________ (Name the organization you are working at) since ___________________________ (Please write the date when you joined here).

My main job duties here are:

_____________________ (Please write two-three main job duties assigned to      you)

  • Prior to this I was working with ______________ (Here you need to write the name of the company where you are working currently) at the position of ___________ (Please write the position at which you were working) from ____________ (Here the date of joining is to be written) to ___________ (Write the relieving date). The main job duties assigned to me are as follow:

___________________________ (Here you need to write a few job duties handled by you)

My Educational Qualification

  • I pursued _______________ (Name the course) from _______________ (Name the college from where you pursued the course). Passed out in the year ________________ (Please write the name of the course pursued by you).

My Strengths

  • Good communication skills
  • Thorough knowledge about accountancy terms

(You may mention the above points or any other skills matching yours)

Contact Details

__________________ (You need to mention your mobile number here)

__________________ (Please give your complete residential address in this blank)

__________________ (Please write your email id here)

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