Accounting Manager Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

Accounting Manager plays a significant role in the accounts department. He is not only required to work on the individual tasks assigned to him but also take care of the accounting team consisting of accounts clerks, general accountants, etc. The position is that of huge responsibility as he is responsible for the work done by the entire team assigned to him. Accounting Manager Resume Template gives an idea about what all should be included in the accounting manager resume.

Sample Accounting Manager Resume Template


Applicant’s Name:

Residential Address:

Email Address:

Contact Number:

Alternate Contact Number:

Current Designation:

Date of Birth:

[Mention all the personal details]


Having the required knowledge, skills and experience, I would continually work hard for the betterment of my organization and also work for my individual growth.


Work Experience:

Company Name _______________ (Mention the name of the company you have worked in)
Position Handled _______________ (Specify the position handled by you in this company)
Duration ________________ (Mention the date of joining as well as the sate of relieving from this organization)

Key Responsibilities

1 _______________________

2 ________________________

3 ________________________

4 _________________________

(Specify all the tasks handled by you in detail in your last organization)

Company Name _____________ (Specify the name of the other organization you have worked in, if any)
Position Handled _____________ (State the designation on which you have worked)
Duration ______________ (Specify the Date on which you joined the organization and the date on which you left it)

Key Responsibilities

(Specify the duties you were expected to handle while working in this organization)

Educational Qualification

School/ University Subjects Year of Passing out
___________ (Specify the name of the school you have attended) _________ (Mention the subjects) ________ (Mention the year of passing)
____________ (Specify the name of the university you have attended) Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy (Or whichever course you have undergone) ________ (Mention the year of passing)
___________ (Specify the name of the university you pursued your Post Graduation Degree) _________ Master’s Degree in Finance (Or whichever course you have attended) ________ (Specify the year of passing)

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