Advertising Sales Resume Template

By | August 8, 2012

Advertising Sales professional needs to use different advertising strategies for promoting the company’s products and services. Advertising can be done via different means such as internet, newspaper, magazines, etc and these professionals need to ensure that advertising is effective enough to increase the company’s sales. Advertising Sales professionals are recommended to go through Advertising Sales resume template while preparing resume for this position.

Sample Advertising Sales Resume Template

________________ (Write your name here)

__________________ (Give your mobile number)

My Aim

As an advertising sales executive, my aim would be to prepare effective advertising campaigns to increase the company’s business. I have a good amount of experience working in the advertising field which would come handy while performing various tasks at this position.

My Strengths

  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to convince others

(You may mention the same strengths or even add or replace these strengths with those that match yours)

Hobbies and Interest

  • Singing
  • Playing Guitar

(Here again you may mention your personal interest)

Education and Training

  • Completed High School from ______________ (Name the high school) in the year _________ (Write the year in which you cleared high school)
  • Completed graduation in ____________ (Name the course) from ____________ (Name the college) in _______________ (Give the year in which you completed this)
  • Completed post graduation in Sales and Marketing (Or you may mention the name of any other degree course pursued by you) from _____________ (Name the college) in the year ___________ (Write the year in which you completed this)

Professional Experience

  • Working with _______________ (Name the organization) at the position of _____________ (Name the position you hold) since ______________ (Write the date of joining the organization). My have been assigned the below mentioned duties at this position:
  1. _________________
  2. _________________
  3. _________________

(Write the main job duties handled by you at this position)

(You may mention the details of any other company you have worked in, in the same format as above)

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