Advertising Student Resume Template

By | August 8, 2012

Advertising students are enrolled to degree or diploma courses that teach about the various methods of advertising and marketing products. These students are taught different professional techniques to advertise various products and services. Those aiming to get into the advertising field opt for these courses. Advertising student resume template helps these students in preparing their resume.

Sample Advertising Student Resume Template

_________________ (Mention your name)

Career Objective

My objective is to use different advertising techniques to promote the company’s products and services. I have a thorough knowledge about the advertising processes and procedures and would utilize it for enhancing my company’s business.

Key Skills

  • Ability to grasp things fast
  • Keen on learning new things
  • Creative bent of mind

(You may mention the skills mentioned above or replace them with yours as per your personality)

Educational Qualification

Name Course Year
_____________ (Name your High School) _______________ (Write the major subjects you had in high school) _____________ (Write the year of passing out)
__________________ (Write the name of the college from which you did your bachelor’s degree ) _______________ (Write the subject in which you did your bachelor’s ) ______________ (Write the year of passing out from this college)
____________ (Please write the name of the college from where you did your master’s degree) ______________ (Mention the subject in which you completed your master’s degree) _______________ (Write the year in which you cleared your master’s degree)

Projects Undertaken

Project Name Month/ Year Highlights
__________ (Write the name given to the project) ____________ (Give the month and year in which this was prepared) _______________ (Give the main points covered in the project)
___________ (Mention the name of another project handled by you, if any) _____________ (In the given space write the month and year of preparing this) ________________ (Here you need to mention as to what exactly was the project all about)

Contact Details

___________________ (Write your mobile number)
___________________ (Give your alternate contact number)
___________________ (Write your residential address)
___________________ (Write your email id in this space)

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