Apparel Design Resume Template

By | February 4, 2013

An apparel design resume template must be framed on the basis of necessary details that are inherent to the job of apparel designing, such as textile study, knowledge of dress materials and different type of fabrics for apparel, variations in design patterns, stitching, etc. The most important of the skills of an apparel designer is his/her creativity and the ability to present it in the best and most effective manner, for which an apparel design resume must contain such information which might help provide an impression regarding the candidate’s originality in the respective field. The template must also include details of the projects participated in and special achievements.

Sample Apparel Design Resume Template:

Name of Candidate ___________________________

Mailing Address: _____________________________

Contact Details: _____________________ [phone no.]

Email id: ___________________

Blog Address [if any]: ______________________

Store Details:



[mention name, address, contact no. if the designer owns a store]

[The required details for identification of the candidate must be filled in properly in this section]

Personal Summary:

[This section is to be filled up with necessary information that represent the candidate’s personal traits]



Work Experience:

Name of Company

Position Held

Duties and Responsibilities

Years of Service

Reason for Resignation

[The applicant for apparel design must mention his/her skills and practices as exhibited in the job front in this section of the resume]

Apparel Designing Projects Participated In:

  • ______________________________________
  • ______________________________________
  • ______________________________________

Professional Achievements:


[Provide necessary details in the above spaces]

Academic Qualifications:

[This section has to be filled in with proper details of the applicant’s education and training programs, as participated in for completion of course.]

Graduated from _____________________ [name of institute] with ________  [grades] in the academic year of ______ — ____.

Completed ________________________ [name/title of the degree] degree in the academic year of ________ to ________ from ______________________ [name of the institute] and acquired _________________ [score/distinction].

Other Academic Details:


Special Apparel Design Course Undertaken:

____________________________________________________________ [Give details of any specific training program/course undertaken by the candidate for apparel designing]

Certified with __________________________________ [title of certification/recognition] at the _______________________________[name of event], _______ [year]


[To be produced on request]


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