Art Student Resume Template

By | December 7, 2012

An Arts student is one taking up a course in the wide filed of arts. The arts student is exposed to many areas of art depending on the area of interest such as theater, galleries, museums, dance and music etc. Given below is a sample art student resume template which can help an art student to create a great resume that has a lasting impression on the prospective employer.

Sample Art Student Resume Template

Applicant’s Name

Address of the Applicant

Phone Number of the Applicant

Email address of the Applicant

CAREER GOAL OF APPLICANT [The career goal of the applicant must be specified in a clear and lucid manner here as given in the example below].

I have an interest in art work and wish to acquire as much expertise and experience as possible in the said field to progress a great career as an artist over a period of time.

EDUCATIONAL HISTORY OF APPLICANT [The educational background of the candidate is essential to understand academic strengths and thus should be mentioned stage wise as given below].

Name of the University/College              Name of the Course                 Year of Completion

1) _______________________                  _______________                     _______________

2) _______________________                  _______________                     _______________

3) _______________________                  _______________                     _______________

WORK EXPERIENCE HISTORY OF APPLICANT [The experience of the applicant in the field of art is very essential to add value to the resume and should be mentioned according to the details given below].

Name of the Organization                             Role Played                            Period of Working

1) _______________________                  _______________                     _______________

2) _______________________                  _______________                     _______________

3) _______________________                  _______________                     _______________

SKILLS POSSESSED BY APPLICANT [The skills possessed by the applicant show their level of capabilities to handle on the job tasks assigned and thus should be specified in a point wise manner below].

1)      ____________________________

2)      ____________________________

3)      ____________________________

4)      ____________________________

5)      ____________________________


1)      Name of Reference

Address of reference

Contact Number of reference

2)      Name of Reference

Address of reference

Contact Number of reference

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