Art Teacher Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

Art Teacher is required to teach art and craft to the students. The resume of an art teacher should include all the job duties handled by her. Art Teacher Resume Template is designed to give an idea about what all should be included in the resume prepared for this position in order to make it look impressive.

Sample Art Teacher Resume Template


Applicant’s Name: ________

Residential Address: ________

Phone No.: _______________


My objective is to train the students on various aspects of art and craft. I would carry out the duties assigned to me with utmost dedication.


High School Diploma from ________________ (Specify the name of the school where you have completed your high school diploma from)

Bachelor’s Degree in __________ (Specify the name of the course you have done) from ________________ (Mention the name of the college or institute you have pursued the degree from) in ____________ (Mention your year of passing the course).


Worked at _____________________ (Specify the name of the school you have worked with) at the position of ________________________ (Mention the position) from ____________________ (Write the date of joining) to __________________________ (Mention the relieving date)

My Main Job Duties as an Art Teacher included:

1 _________________

2 _________________

3 _________________

4 _________________

(Specify the main job duties handled by you at this position).

Worked at _____________________ (Specify the name of any other school you have worked at) at the position of ________________________ (Mention the post) from ______________________ (Write the date of joining) to ___________________ (Mention the relieving date)


  • Patience
  • Sincerity
  • Time Management

(You may select from the strong points mentioned here, if they match your strengths else mention your own points)


Email Address:

Alternate Number:

Date of Birth:

Languages Known:

(Mention all the details asked for above)

I hope the above information has given you an idea about my professional profile. Kindly consider me for this position.

___________ (Signature)

______________ (Date)

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