Auto Mechanic Resume Template

By | August 8, 2012

An Auto Mechanic deals with repairs or maintenance of automobiles. One should be competent enough with the various mechanical and electrical functionalities of automobiles in order to quickly diagnose the malfunctioning part and repair / replace it. An understanding of the predicament and ability to accurately rectify the problem reveals the dexterity of an Auto Mechanic. Practical erudition plays a key role than learning through books. To stand unique amongst applicants for such a position, it is important to throw some light on your skills and experience and in order to do so one can make use of an Auto Mechanic Resume Template.

Sample Auto Mechanic Resume Template

Name: _______________________

Address: _____________________

Contact number: _______________

Email id: _____________________

Career goal:

To utilize my skills of troubleshooting in the field of automobile repairing and to be noted as a well qualified workman who offers good customer service and to make many other quality-driven auto mechanics to repair accurately. [Can add a few more points.]

Educational Qualification:

[Here the candidate is required to give a short description on the academic part]

  • Passed 10th from ______________ [name of the school] in _________ [year] with ___________% [percentage]
  • Passed 12th from ______________ [name of the school] in _________ [year] with ___________% [percentage]
  • Achieved ________________ [name of degree] Degree from _______[name of college/university]

Trainings & Certifications:

[Here the candidate is required to give the details about the trainings and certificates attained]

  • Trained especially on _____________________ [name of the course] at ___________ [location / you may also edit the areas trained upon]
  • Certified in various levels of Automotive Service Excellence.
  • ______________________________ [Can add a few more]

Professional Experience:

[Here the candidate should give a few details about previous work experiences]

  • Served the _______________ [name of previous employer] from ____ [year] to ____ [year] as a _____________ [job position] in the division of two wheelers with dedication towards quality and was recognized by the management as the best skilled mechanic in the staff.
  • Worked as an Automotive Mechanic at ________________ [name of previous employer] from ____ [year] to ___ [year] with strong problem-solving skills in the department of Automotive Electricals Repairs where I excelled in electrical wiring and functioning of four wheelers and Heavy vehicles.
  • Worked in the post of Auto Mechanic at ____ [previous employer] from ___ [year] to ___ [year] where I Assembled integrated engine components to cars.


[HereĀ  the candidate can list few interests apart from the job role]

  • Listening Music
  • Playing Cricket
  • _____________
  • _____________

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