Banking Sales Resume Template

By | September 14, 2012

A bank sales candidate is a person who is essentially involved in the marketing of products and services of the bank he is working for. The key responsibilities of a bank sales candidate include achievement of individual and team sales targets, develop sales strategies to increase sales, maintain cordial relationship with bank customers etc. A banking sales resume template is a ready to use document that defines the structure in which a resume of a person should be drafted.

Sample Banking Sales Resume Template

PERSONAL INFORMATION: [mention details as given below accurately as per official records].

Applicant’s name:


Phone no:


OBJECTIVE: [mention the future plans of the candidate in a very professional manner that attracts the employer to consider the application of the candidate].

I am interested in working as a banking sales executive in a reputed bank that helps me to put my sales skills                              [specify the sales skills of the candidate that are instrumental for a banking sales job] to optimum use and help the bank grow financially.

PERSONAL PROFILE: [mention miscellaneous details which help the employer decide on your employability].

Date of birth:

Marital status:

EDUCATIONAL DETAILS: [mention the educational details starting with graduation and until high school level].

  • Graduation details :                            __________________
  • Any other education details :             __________________
  • High School details :                         ___________________

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES: [mention the past work experience by listing from the latest job undertaken and subsequently mentioning other work details].

  • I have worked as                    [name of the job designation] at                   [name of the organization] from            to            [indicate duration of the job].
  • Any other job details _______________

HOBBIES: [mention any hobbies and interests that the candidate has which helps understand the character of the candidate].

  • ______________________
  • ______________________
  • ______________________
  • ______________________

REFERENCES: [mention details of two references which help the employers in obtaining the credentials of the candidate].

    1. __________.
    2. __________.


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