Beauty Consultant Resume Template

By | August 10, 2012

A beauty consultant provides useful advice for beauty treatments of various parts of human body like skin, hair, nails and so on. Their job is to perform make up applications and help every client to improve the appearance of his/her body and look more attractive. Hence, an applicant for this job must construct a resume that highlights his/her skills and abilities to perform every duties of a beauty consultant. The beauty consultant resume template would help to prepare a good resume quite easily.

Sample Beauty Consultant Resume Template

[Specify the personal details of the candidate]

Name of the applicant:

Date of birth:

Correspondence address:

Residential address:

Mobile no.:



I wish to obtain the designation of a beauty consultant at a renowned beauty parlor or salon and exercise my skills and abilities of                               [mention the key skills that one possess for acquiring the job].


  • Obtained Bachelor’s degree in                      [name of the stream and subject on which the applicant has obtained the degree] at                          [name of the institution/university] in the year              .
  • Obtained high school degree from                    [name of the institution] in the year      .


Achieved professional certification of a beauty consultant from                       [name of the authority by whom the candidate is being certified] on the year           .

WORK EXPERIENCE [mention the professional experience acquired by the candidate through his/her previous jobs.]

  • Operated as                       [name of the job title] for duration of             to            [mention duration of the service] at                       [name of the beauty parlor/salon].

Task performed: [mention the responsibilities performed by the applicant for the particular organization]

  1.                            .
  2.                              .
  3.                             .
  • Operated as                      [name of the job title] for duration of              to             [mention duration of the service] at                      [name of the beauty parlor/salon].

Task Performed:

  1.                        .
  2.                         .
  3.                          .

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