Bridal Consultant Resume Template

By | August 10, 2012

A bridal consultant generally works for bridal retailers, event management companies etc. and assists clients to make perfect choice on bridesmaids’ wardrobes and gowns. They also give useful tips to choose various accessories like headpieces, jewelry, shoes and much more. Such an applicant for this job must construct an optimized and effective resume that remains successful in grabbing attention of the recruiter in the first instance. One can easily construct such an effective curriculum vitae by using the bridal consultant resume template.

Sample Bridal Consultant Resume Template

[Provide correct data about the individual pertaining to his personal background]

Candidate’s name:

Residential address:

Correspondence address:

Date of birth:

Mobile no.:



With my skills and professional bridal consulting capability, I want the designation of a bridal consultant at a reputed bridal retailer company. Furthermore,                        [elaborate the career objective broadly that would match properly with job requirement].


  • In the year            [yy] received training certificate after completing the course of                 [name of the course undertaken] from                             [name of the institute/training center].
  • In the year             [yy] received training certificate after completing the course of                  [name of the course undertaken] from                               [name of the institute/training center].

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES [Provide an employment summary of the applicant].

  • Operated as a bridal consultant from               to            [specify the job duration] at           [name of the organization].

Responsibilities performed:

  1.                       .
  2.                        .
  3.                         .
  • Operated as bridal consultant from             to               [specify the job duration] at           [name of the organization].

Responsibilities performed:

  1.                        .
  2.                        .
  3.                         .


  • Obtained bachelor’s degree in               [specify the stream and subject] from                  [name of the institution/university] in the year             .
  • Passed high school degree from                     [name of the institution] in the year            .
  •                                 [Specify other professional degrees acquired by the applicant, if any].


Available upon professional request.

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