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Costume Designer Resume Template

The costume designer resume template showcases the experience, education and qualifications of the individual concerned. Generally this job requires skills to create costumes for actors performing on stage or other productions. This kind of work is also relevant for films, television and even opera. One has to work closely with production and design teams and… Read More »

Set Designer Resume Template

A set designer resume template requires to be framed with the necessary and relevant details of set designing and related aspects, as practiced by the respective candidate. The job of a set designer, in general, is to design and manage the various artificial setups for movies, theaters, soaps and serials, live shows, and/or such artistic… Read More »

Apparel Design Resume Template

An apparel design resume template must be framed on the basis of necessary details that are inherent to the job of apparel designing, such as textile study, knowledge of dress materials and different type of fabrics for apparel, variations in design patterns, stitching, etc. The most important of the skills of an apparel designer is… Read More »

Clothing Designer Resume Template

A clothing designer, also known as fashion designer, is a professional expert in creating a multitude of patterns, colors and styles of cuts and stitches in various fabrics of clothing. The resume to be prepared by such an individual has to contain general details of his/her education, training in clothing design, practical experience and skills… Read More »

Sound Designer Resume Template

A sound designer’s job implies that of creating various forms and types of sound for any given occasion or purpose, as requested by clients or any company the individual might be associated with. The task being a tricky one, the resume for application to such a job or post of a sound designer in any… Read More »

Floral Designer Resume Template

Flowers are natural wonders which continue to fascinate us with exotic fragrances and colors. Floral designers are people who use all their creativity and artistic skill with flowers and petals. A sample floral designer resume template would be of help to people, who wish to choose such an unconventional career. Floral designers are coveted and pursued by interior decorators.… Read More »

Game Designer Resume Format

Designing and programming video games has become quite a popular profession among the youngsters. A sample game designer resume template would be of great help to any such aspiring designer for video games. Game designers and programmers have to design the whole concept of the game. The game designer has to draw the landscapes and scenarios for the game.… Read More »

Jewelry Designer Resume Template

Jewelry designer resume template is given here to help those candidates who want to adopt jewelry designing as their career. Usually a strong resume is very necessary for getting any job successfully. A good resume must have full information about you and your skills so that no can refuse you to get a job. The… Read More »

Piping Designer Resume Template

In commercial, residential and industrial buildings, one can find piping systems in-built. These are systems that may be used for plumbing purposes in these buildings. A sample piping designer resume template would be of great help to anyone, who wants to be a piping engineer. The piping designer is the one, who has to make solid plans about… Read More »

Web Designer Resume Template

A resume is the real way to success of any person whether it is a Web Designer Resume template or some one else’s. To apply as a web designer your resume must be strong enough to impress the reader as it must have complete informations about your skills and potentials. You should freely use Web… Read More »