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Fitness Trainer Resume Template

A fitness trainer is a person who either works in a gym or any other health facility to help people or clients maintain their fitness levels. The trainer provides training regimes to each client so as to help them get into the perfect body shape and fitness levels. A fitness trainer resume template is a… Read More »

Dental Assistant Resume Template

As a dental assistant, the key responsibilities of the person are clerical in nature. He is responsible for assistive duties such as preparing dental room for the patients, comforting and draping patients, assisting the dental doctor with tools and equipments etc. To apply for the job post of a dental assistant, a person should have… Read More »

Dental Receptionist Resume Template

A dental receptionist works at a dental care clinic, dental hospital etc. The job of a dental receptionist requires a person to have excellent communicational skills, decision making powers, and effective with scheduling appointments for the patients, documenting and looking after the dental records etc. To apply for the job post of a dental receptionist,… Read More »

Health Care Provider Resume Template

As a health care provider, a person should have a medical background. The job position of a health care provider requires a person to provide health care to the patients or the people. A person should be equipped with the knowledge of food and nutrition, treatments, therapies and other health care components that can be… Read More »

Healthcare Sales Resume Template

A health care sales job description demands an applicant to be equipped with the knowledge of meeting the required sales target, scheduling health care meetings with the clients, customers or the patients, presenting health care products to the doctors or the pharmacists etc. As a health care sales executive, a person should dedicatedly work for… Read More »

Health Care Professional Resume Template

A health care professional is the one who professionalise in providing finest health care to the people. A person who wishes to seek his candidacy and apply for the job post of a health care professional must be skilled to identify the problems of the patients, suggest health care treatments, courses or therapies and keep… Read More »

Anthropologist Resume Template

An anthropologist is a person who studies the various human civilizations and offers information after research on the history of humans. They help in connecting the earlier civilizations to the modern day civilizations. The various kinds of research undertaken by an anthropologist revolves around activities such as study of social, economic and behavior of human… Read More »

Radiologist Resume Template

A radiologist is a person who makes use of the radioactive substances and X-rays to diagnose diseases in the human body. There are various roles performed by a radiologist such as examination of internal and external organs of the human body, diagnosis of diseases if any present in the organs, assists in treatment of organs… Read More »

Health Care Worker Resume Template

A healthcare professional is one who works under the directions of senior healthcare professionals in assisting patients. The basic responsibilities of a healthcare worker include taking personal care of patients, helping them in mobility, checking the patient for temperature, pulse and BP etc. Apart from these activities the healthcare worked is also required to undertake… Read More »

Mental Health Counselor Resume Template

A mental health counselor is one who ensures optimum mental health of individuals and groups that they are working closely with. The mental health counselor deals with mental health patients that have problems such as addictions, marital problems, parental issues, suicide tendencies, stress management, senior citizens with mental depression etc. The mental health counselors perform… Read More »