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Hotel General Manager Resume Template

A hotel general manager is a person who holds the top most administrative position in a hotel and looks after the day to day management of the same. Any person who wishes to apply for this position must frame a resume which is known as a hotel general manager resume. A hotel general manager resume… Read More »

Restaurant General Manager Resume Template

A restaurant general manager is a professional working at the position of a general manager in a restaurant and is responsible for taking care of the day to day matters of the restaurant such as recruitment, servicing, designating duties to the staff member etc. to apply for this position in a restaurant, a restaurant general… Read More »

Restaurant Owner Resume Template

A restaurant owner is the whole and soul of the restaurant and is responsible for the entire operations of the restaurant. The key responsibilities of a restaurant owner are oversee the activities of all staff, plan day to day work, replenish food supplies, maintain staff records ect. In order to create an effective résumé for… Read More »

Restaurant Bartender Resume Template

A restaurant bartender is a person who is responsible for mixing drinks for the customer. The key responsibilities that are assigned to restaurant bartenders are attending to customers asking for drinks, handling cash and credit card transactions of customers, provide quality drinks, ensure unnecessary scuffle between staff and customers as well. Thus a restaurant bartender… Read More »

Restaurant Cook Resume Template

A restaurant cook is a person who prepares food in a restaurant. The key responsibilities of a restaurant cook are preparation of food, order supply of food inventory, maintain records for food materials used, plan special menu etc. A restaurant cook resume template will be helpful in building a good resume for the said position.… Read More »

Restaurant Waiter Resume Template

Restaurant waiter is a person who is in charge of tables serving food to their customer. A restaurant waiter has a very vital role to play in the success of a restaurant. It is the waiter that makes an eating experience a pleasant one for the customers at the restaurant. The primary duties of a… Read More »

Chef Resume Template

A chef is a person involved in the culinary arts of a hospitality industry.  The responsibilities of a chef range from deciding on the day to day menu, arrange meals, oversee presentation of cooked food ready to be served to the customers, determine the quantity and quality of food that will be cooked every day,… Read More »

Hospitality Professional Resume Template

A hospitality professional has many significant roles to play. Some of the essential functions of hospitality professional are coordination of functions, planning events for customers, providing catering services to customers, organizing beverages for customers apart from training the subordinates.  Hospitality professionals are also expected to interact well with all the customers and be much disciplined… Read More »

Hospitality Internship Resume Template

Hospitality internship is a mandatory requirement for candidates pursuing their hotel management course. The hospitality internship enhances the educational experience with practical training. Most of the responsibilities assigned to hospitality internship candidates are front desk management, breakfast service, night customer service, housekeeping, laundry service etc. The hospitality internship candidates are expected to possess high levels… Read More »

Restaurant Server Resume Template

Restaurant servers can be employed in a variety of food establishments such as restaurants, eateries, bakeries etc. The most important responsibility of a restaurant server is to take orders for food and serve to the customers in a timely and courteous manner. A restaurant server is expected to posses a pleasing personality apart from excellent… Read More »