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Auto Mechanic Resume Template

An Auto Mechanic deals with repairs or maintenance of automobiles. One should be competent enough with the various mechanical and electrical functionalities of automobiles in order to quickly diagnose the malfunctioning part and repair / replace it. An understanding of the predicament and ability to accurately rectify the problem reveals the dexterity of an Auto… Read More »

Cabinet Maker Resume Template

Cabinet making is an art of contriving wood works like shelves, furniture, cabinets, etc. Cabinet makers are highly skilled craftsmen and are required to be well versed with carpentry and should have hands-on experience in commercial / residential wooden frame works. One should have an understanding of customer’s imagination and the dexterity to craft the… Read More »

Production Manager CV Template

A Production Manager is hired to ensure the production of good quality goods at an optimized price in the least possible time. One should possess sound knowledge in the various methods of production available for a component and the ability to make decisions to choose the one which best fits into the purpose with maximized… Read More »

Factory Worker Resume Template

A factory worker resume template is designed for a person who wants to create a resume to apply for the post of a factory worker. A factory worker is a very responsible person. He/she works in a variety of factories that is related to food &beverages, fabric process, leather, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. They are… Read More »

QA Tester Resume Template

A QA Tester is an individual who is employed by an organization to look after the quality of the products or services offered by them. These individuals have to make sure that the products or the services offered are as per the expectations of the users. Individuals working in these positions must possess needed skill… Read More »

Manufacturing Operations Resume Template

“Operations” is basically a field of work for those who are looking for getting a job in manufacturing or production department of an organization. Production is the key factor if you are thinking about joining the post of operations. Manufacturing operation resume template is framed in a manner so that the candidate is perfectly able… Read More »

Manufacturing Technician Resume Template

The job of a technician is a highly reputed job which requires a person to have thorough practical knowledge and work experience in the field so that he or she can apply their theoretical knowledge in the practical field. The manufacturing technician resume template is a performa on how to create an effective resume. There… Read More »

Manufacturing Manager Resume Template

A manufacturing manager resume template is designed to showcase the candidate’s skills, experience, qualifications and other achievements in an effective manner. A manufacturing manager is one of the important part of a manufacturing unit as he is the one who is responsible for managing all the works going on within the unit. His job is… Read More »

Manufacturing Supervisor Resume Template

A manufacturing supervisor resume template is a document that helps a candidate applying for this position to showcase their skills, experience and qualifications in an effective manner. One of the most crucial jobs in any manufacturing industry is that of a Manufacturing Supervisor. He is the one who is responsible for looking after minute detail… Read More »

Manufacturing Engineer Resume Template

A manufacturing engineer resume is designed to showcase the candidate’s work experience, skills, experience, etc. A manufacturing engineer plays a very important role in a manufacturing firm. His job is to use his knowledge and skills and to render the best of his services be it in laying down the production floor or preparing the… Read More »