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Medical Assistant Student Resume Template

A medical assistant student is one who is involved in clinical and administrative activities in a health care organization. The medical assistant student is under training and learns the various duties that a medical assistant is required to perform such as update medical records of patients, handle bills and respond to queries of patients, assist… Read More »

Medical Doctor Resume Template

A medical doctor is one who is a qualified medical expert and provides treatment to patients in the hospital. A medical doctor has many responsibilities in a hospital such as check patients, diagnose ailments according to the symptoms specified by the patients, prescribe medication, undertake physical examination when necessary, keep in contact with all other… Read More »

Medical Director ResumeTemplate

A medical director is one who heads the medical unit. The role of a medical director is very vital for the success of a heath care unit as he performs many critical duties. Some of the duties performed by a medical director are devising policies for the health care unit according to business and legal… Read More »

Medical Laboratory Resume Template

A medical laboratory candidate is one who performs routine clinical tests on samples of patients in a medical unit. Some of the duties performed by a medical laboratory candidate are sample collection and handling, maintenance of sampling instruments, testing samples obtained according to doctor’s prescription, interpretation of sampling data, maintenance of sampling records etc. It… Read More »

Medical Transcriptionist Resume Template

A medical transcriptionist is one who transcribes or translates the notes dictated by medical professionals by making use of transcription machines and equipments. The information dictated by the medical professionals is in medical jargon and abbreviated making it difficult for others to understand. In such a situation the transcription undertaken by a medical transcriptionist helps… Read More »

Medical Coder Resume Template

A medical coder is one who inputs the codes for the services provided by a hospital wherein such information helps for calculation of work and payment for medical practitioners working in the hospital. The codes assigned to each medical service provided helps in arriving at the payment that needs to be made to each medical… Read More »

Medical Physician Resume Template

A medical physician is one who examines the patients by making use of diagnostics and tests to identify problems that patients are facing. A medical physician is associated with a hospital that has general practice. The medical physician primarily performs duties such as prescribe medicines to patients, provide treatment for illness suffered by patients, provide… Read More »

Medical Collector Resume Template

A medical collector is one who is in charge of the bill collection process in a health care unit. The primary responsibilities of a medical collector are collection of overdue medical bills for services rendered by the health care unit by contacting the customers. The medical collector offers payment options for customers to settle outstanding… Read More »

Medical Clerk Resume Template

A medical clerk is one who maintains medical data and provides reports in a medical health care unit. There are many responsibilities fulfilled by a medical clerk such as process and maintain patient data as provided by the doctor, ensures everyday record keeping of all vital medical data related to patients, data analysis and segregation… Read More »

Medical Records Clerk Resume Template

A medical records clerk is one who is in charge of the maintenance of medical records of patients in a medical unit. Some of the responsibilities include input patient information, maintain master files which have all patient information, prepare billing details of patient on admission and discharge, follow hospital standards in patient interaction etc. A… Read More »