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Operating Room Nurse Resume Template

An operating room nurse is one who is associated with a hospital in the surgical division. The primary responsibilities of an operating room nurse are assisting the hospital in pre-operative and post-operative care of the patients, maintenance and handling of surgical equipment’s, assist surgeon in performing surgery, sterilization of surgical equipment’s and soiled medical gowns, ensure standard of… Read More »

New Registered Nurse Resume Template

A new registered nurse is one who promotes the health and well being of patients who visit the hospital. A registered nurse is one who is newly registered with the nursing association and has been practically trained for taking up the duties of a nurse. Some of the duties fulfilled by a new registered nurse… Read More »

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Resume Template

A pediatric nurse practitioner is one who provides advanced care for infants in a hospital. The nurse is responsible for taking care of infants and children in a pediatric division of a hospital. There are many duties fulfilled by a pediatric nurse practitioner such as diagnosis of medical conditions in infants, prescribe medicines according to… Read More »

Family Nurse Practitioner Resume Template

A family nurse practitioner is one who is a registered nurse and assists in patient care. The family nurse practitioner is involved in providing assistance to the doctor in diagnosis, treatment and future consultations for patients that visit the hospital. Some of the important tasks performed by a family nurse practitioner are providing basic dressing… Read More »

Dialysis Nurse Resume Template

A dialysis nurse is one who works in the dialysis department of a hospital. There are many duties fulfilled by a dialysis nurse such as supervision of dialysis process from start to the end, record patient information, administer medication, change catheters, provide dressing for patient’s wounds, maintenance of medical dialysis equipments and inventory, interaction with… Read More »

Sales Executive Resume Template

A sales executive is one who markets the products and services of the company to its customers. The sales executive has the primary responsibility to meet the customers, makes sales after the meeting, explain the products and services of the company in detail, listening to customers queries and resolving them, attending to customer calls over… Read More »

NICU Nurse Resume Template

An NICU nurse is one who takes of the newborn infants in the intensive care unit of a hospital. The role of a NICU nurse is very vital to the care of newborn infants with some congenital difficulties such as breathing problems, heart problems, low birth weight etc. The primary duties fulfilled by NICU nurse… Read More »

Staff Nurse Resume Template

A staff nurse is one who is in charge of the routine nursing activities in a hospital or clinic. The primary responsibilities of a staff nurse include recording patient initial check-up information, preliminary medical condition assessment of patient, record finding in doctor’s sheet, attend to phone calls of patient, attend to patients with injuries etc.… Read More »

Neonatal Nurse Resume Template

A neonatal nurse is one who takes care of the new born children in a hospital.  The neonatal nurse performs duties in order to assist the mother with the care of the new born baby. The primary duties performed by a neonatal nurse include administering milk to the baby, checking the overall health of the… Read More »

Oncology Nurse Resume Template

An oncology nurse is one who provides assistance in the treatment of cancer patients. The oncology nurse works under the supervision of the cancer treatment specialist known as oncologist. The primary responsibility of the oncology nurse is to educate the patients regarding the treatment procedures that will be conducted along with their side effects. The… Read More »