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Top Ten Technical Resume Writing Tips

Resume writing is one of the most important points that helps a candidate get success with employ ability It is only a well drafted resume that leaves a good impression on the employer and increases the chances of being hired. While most of the resumes have the same content, the difference lies in presentation of the resume… Read More »

What are the Best Resume Templates to use

Resume is a summary of the profile of the candidate. Everyone feels that all resumes are more or less the same. But this is a wrong notion. Each resume is different and varies according to the profile of the candidate. While the details that go into building a resume is similar it is the way… Read More »

Different Types Resume Templates

A resume can be of many types. A resume basically depends on the profile of the candidate, the skills, experience and the educational background. Even though most of the resumes are more or less the same with the same information what makes them distinctive is the template that is used to build it. A candidate… Read More »

Resume Writing Tips and Templates

Resume writing is an art and can be achieved over a period of time and some amount of research. Resume is the face of the profile of the candidate. It can make or break the chances of being called for an interview. Resume is the first acquaintance that an employer has about the candidate and… Read More »

How to Make a Resume Template

A resume is a collective summary of the profile of a candidate. It varies according to the educational qualifications, work experience and skills possessed by the candidate. The primary aim of any resume is to draft it such a manner that it leaves a good impression on the prospective employer. This is possible only when… Read More »

Top 10 Professional Resume Templates

Resume templates help a candidate in drafting a great resume that creates the right impact on the employer. It is for the candidate to check out the various kinds of resume templates and then choose the one that perfectly fits the profile on the basis of various considerations.            The candidate should make a prudent choice… Read More »

How to write a Good Resume Template

Today the job market is filled with more candidates and lesser jobs. This effectively means that there is very tough competition amongst the candidate for a specified position in a company. The only way to get success in employment is by writing a good resume. A good resume can be built within in no time… Read More »

Top 10 Skills to Put on a Resume

A resume is the first medium through which an employer understands the suitability of a candidate for a position available in the organization. While there are many factors that the employers consider in a resume, one of the most important factor is the skills set that the candidate mentions. It is only through the skills… Read More »