Before starting your work on writing your resume, you must find and review some samples of resumes and the resume template samples. This will help you to make your existence viewable in the vision of the company. The samples of resumes and the template of resumes will provide the applicants the idea of writing a […]


The CV is the acronym of Curriculum Vitae. The CV of any person should be very clear and compact so that the employer of the company who is reading the resume can understand your skills and talents in a very brief manner. In the case of a person who is a fresher graduate, following the […]

Resume Template for Teens

Are you an entry-level job seeker? Then you have just arrived at the right place! There are several teenagers who are very anxious to know how they should prepare their Resume in order to land up with a good and respectable job of their choice. Indeed, preparing a good Resume can be a challenging task […]

Student Resume Template

Looking for a student resume template? Then let me tell you that a student resume template is quite simple, unlike those meant for the experienced professionals. However, before downloading a particular resume template for students, you need to know the basic things that should be included in a student resume template. Read on to know […]

How to write a perfect resume template?

Writing a perfect resume needs efforts and help from professionals. The task is complicated as the resume is reviewed by hiring manager or placement agency. There are many professional resume templates available for the help of job applicants. To start writing a resume, job applicants can use any of the templates that suits them or […]

General Resume Template

The resume is the first thing that will reach the employee. It will get your employee decide whether to call you further for the interviews or not. Hence, the resume needs to be properly formatted. The General Resume Template is given here to help you format your resume properly. It will help you a lot […]

Basic Resume Template

When you are planning to take a job in any field, the first and foremost thing you need is knowledge of basic resume template. The basic resume template is given here to help you design the best resume and secure the best job for yourself. You have to edit it for the knowledge and experience […]

College Resume Template

College students need to format their resume in the systematic manner so as to grab the attention of the employee. The college students are looking for a job as a fresher and need to emphasize more on their knowledge and skills, as they don’t have experience to mention. The following college resume template will help […]

Resume Cover Letter Template

Most often, a cover letter is attaching with resumes for job application. A cover letter is very important to be impressive and it can often act as a factor for your resume being selected or ignored. It is recommended that the cover letter be dedicated quite some time and the language be crisp, straight and […]

Microsoft Resume Template

Microsoft word provides various templates for the users to work with. The templates from Microsoft word application are available on Microsoft office official website. The templates are in many categories and styles. Even themes can be applied to the resumes. Along with resume templates, Microsoft also offers various cover letter templates. Picking the right template […]