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PhD Student Resume Template

A PhD student is an individual who has completed his completed his bachelors as well as masters degree and currently pursuing or have recently completed his PhD on a certain stream of research. It is necessary for a PhD student to have good research skills. In his resume a PhD student needs to mention the… Read More »

Chemical Engineering Student Resume Template

It is necessary for a chemical engineering student to know the process of manufacturing chemicals by using various raw materials in order to convert into useful products. They need to be proficient in the field of chemistry and engineering as he has to use the knowledge of those fields to design products like fuel, fertilizer,… Read More »

Mechanical Engineering Student Resume Template

A mechanical engineering student is an individual who has pursued a degree in mechanical engineering from an engineering college or a university. They have to apply various processes of engineering in order to efficiently develop mechanical products like vehicles, machineries etc. They also have to design and test the products developed by them. It is… Read More »

Occupational Therapy Student Resume Template

An occupational therapist student is an individual who has either completed or pursuing studies in occupational therapy and looking for a job in the same field. The candidate has to perform the job function of providing therapy to individuals who are disabled in a clinic, nursing home or a hospital. It is the responsibility of… Read More »

Entry Level Student Resume Template

An entry level student is an individual who has recently completed his degree and has no work experience. They are looking for a job where they have to join in the entry level. As entry level students have no work experience it is compulsory that they mention the various skills and abilities possessed by them… Read More »

Film Student Resume Template

A film student is an individual who has pursued a course in film studies and is aspiring to work in the field of film making. They usually have to work in various kinds of film projects like ad films, short films, documentary films, feature films etc in the direction department. It is necessary for a… Read More »

MBA Student Resume Template

An MBA student is an individual who has pursued his master’s degree in business administration with little experience as an intern or sometimes with no work experience at all. There are different fields in which an MBA student may have specialization like marketing, finance, HR, operations etc. The specific job for which an MBA student… Read More »

Dental Student Resume Template

A dental student is an individual who has pursued a course in dental science and is practicing or aspiring to practice as a dentist. A dentist is responsible for preventing, diagnosing and treating dental problems. They have to fill cavities, remove decays, take x rays of the teeth and analyze that, scale teeth and place… Read More »

Journalism Student Resume Template

An individual pursuing a degree in the field of journalism or have recently completed their bachelors or masters degree in the same field and aspiring to work as a journalist is known as a journalism student. A journalist is responsible for bringing news in various parts of the world to the common people. They may… Read More »

Veterinary Student Resume Template

A veterinary student is an individual who has is studying to be a veterinarian or has completed his studies in the subject and aspiring to make a career as a veterinarian. A veterinarian has to diagnose the various ailments of animals and provide treatment to them. A veterinary student usually has no work experience, so… Read More »