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Telecom Technician Resume Template

A Telecom Technician establishes and manages the installation and implementation of a telecommunication system within an organization. They work with telecom engineers and designers to implement strategies. They are required to carry out regular maintenance and monitor the system from time to time. They should have extensive technical knowledge and should be very detail oriented… Read More »

Ophthalmic Technician Resume Template

An Ophthalmic Technician is someone who works closely with the ophthalmologist. They look after the technical operations within an ophthalmologists’ clinic and assist them in carrying out diagnostic tests, surgeries, vision measurement, clinical photography etc. For this purpose they need to have in depth knowledge of complex ophthalmic equipments, medical procedures and treatments. Ophthalmic technicians… Read More »

Theater Technician Resume Template

A theater technician is responsible for looking after all the technical details in stage theatre or a play like setting up projectors, electronic equipments, speakers and video monitors. They also have to look after the lighting set up during a play and operate spotlights, manage props and special effects. They have to work in coordination… Read More »

Desktop Support Technician Resume Template

A desktop support technician is responsible for helping the employees of the organization by providing technical support in case the employees face any issues with their workstation computers, application software or any computer peripherals. They have to test and install computer systems, identify the problems and troubleshoot any sort of failure in the hardware or… Read More »

Patient Care Technician Resume Template

A patient care technician is an individual who works in the medical care facility and is responsible for well being of the patients who are admitted. They have to monitor the progress of the health of the patient and maintain records. They also have to ensure that the patients get their medicine on time and… Read More »

Field Service Technician Resume Template

A field service technician is responsible for providing technical services on the field or at the site of the clients. The job function of a field technician may require him to travel long distances instead if doing a desk job. It is necessary that a field service technician has excellent installation and troubleshooting knowledge. The… Read More »

Cable Technician Resume Template

An individual who has to perform the duty of installing and maintaining network for broadband and cable connections is known as a cable technician. They have to visit the site of the client and install the cable connection in the television owned by the client. It is advantageous for an individual applying for the position… Read More »

GIS Technician Resume Template

A GIS technician is usually responsible for generating graphical maps, customizing geographic information system applications and manipulating data in order to serve various purposes. It is necessary that a GIS technician should know how to read as well as interpret data and must have a good understanding of entering digital land data into a GIS… Read More »

Retail Pharmacy Technician Resume Template

A retail pharmacy technician is responsible for checking the prescription of a patient, provide medicine accordingly, process prescriptions in the computer system, request refills from doctor offices and restock shelves with medicines. In some retail pharmacies a retail pharmacy technician may also provide over the counter medication. It is necessary that an individual aspiring to… Read More »

IT Support Technician Resume Template

An IT support technician works in an IT firm or in the IT department of an organization. They are responsible for installing, troubleshooting and maintaining hardware as well as software of systems. They also have to solve various technical issues and provide support to the employees of the organization. Sometimes they provide an employee (facing… Read More »