Charted Accountant Resume Template

By | August 8, 2012

Charted Accountant is required to handle various accounts and finance related matters for their clients. These professionals are approached by individuals and companies to seek advice on financial matters. Charted accountants work for a particular company as its regular employ or might even provide freelance accounting service to different clients. Charted Accountant Resume Template is designed to help the Charted Accountants in preparing their resumes.

Sample Charted Accountant Resume Template

Personal Details

Name: _______________ Mobile No.: ___________ Residential Address: ______________________
Email Address: ________ Date of Birth: __________ Marital Status: _________ 

Why Select Me?

____________________________ (Here you are required to highlight your skills and qualities in a convincing tone so that the recruiter feels confident about your abilities)

My Educational Qualification

Name Course/ Subject Year
_________________ (In the given blank give the name of your high school) ______________  (Here you need to mention the main subjects you studied during high school) _______________ (The year of passing High school to be mentioned here)
________________ (In the given blank you need to mention the name of the college you attended) _______________ (In the blank space please write the course pursued by you at college level) ___________________ (Year of completing this course to be written here passing out)

(You may write about any other degree or diploma course pursued, in the above given format)

My Professional Experience

I have a total work experience of ______________________ (In the given space, mention the number of months or years) working as a Charted accountant.

Company Name ________________ (Write the name of the company you are working with)
Designation ____________________ (Please specify the position you hold here)
Date of Joining ____________________ (In the given space please mention your date of joining the organization)

Main Job Responsibilities




(In the given space mention the main job responsibilities handled by you at this position)

My Hobbies

Playing cricket
Watching TV
______________________ (Here you may write about any hobby of yours)

_______________________ (Please sign here)

_______________________ (Please write date in this blank)

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