Charted Accountant Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

Charted accountants are required to prepare financial statement, conduct financial audits and carry out various other accounts related works. Charted Accountant resume should include details about the educational qualification, work experience and other skills of these professionals. Charted Accountant Resume Template is designed to give an idea to the charted accountants about what all should be included in the resume.

Sample Charted Accountant Resume Template


Applicant Name:

Residential Address:

Mobile Number:

Phone Number:

Email Address:

Date of Birth:

(Specify the personal details asked for above)

Objective: To work in a challenging environment where I can learn and grow professionally. I have a good amount of experience working in this field and would prove to be an asset to your organization.

Educational Qualification

School/ Institute/ University Year of Passing out Course Pursued/ Specialization
_________ (Specify the Name of the High School attended) ______ (Mention the year of passing from High School) ________ (Specify the subjects chosen)
_________ (Specify the Name of the University/ College attended) _______ (Mention the year of passing from College/ University) ________ (Specify the Degree pursued at graduation level)
________ (Specify the Name of the Institute/ University/ College attended) _______ (Mention the year of passing out from the Institute/ University/ College) ________ (Specify the details of any other course pursued)

Work Experience:

A Total of _________ months/ years (Specify the number of months/ years of experience) of experience working as a Charted Accountant at one of the top notch companies

_________________ (Specify the name of the Company)                                                        _________________ (Specify the date of joining and the reliving date)

________________ (Specify the Designation)

Major Responsibilities

1 ____________________

2 ____________________

3 ____________________

4 ____________________

(Specify the chief responsibilities handled by you at this organization)

Strong Points (You may specify your strong points or choose from the ones mentioned below if they match yours)

  • Hardworking and dedicated towards work
  • Sincere in performing the given tasks
  • Understand the importance of completing the work on time

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