Chief Financial Officer Resume Template

By | August 7, 2012

A chief financial officer is an individual who heads the finance department of an organization. He is responsible for overseeing all the finance related functions of the organization. He has to take most of the decisions of the finance department and ensure that everything goes accurately. The chief financial officer resume template is the most important document for an individual who is applying for the position of a chief financial officer. He needs to refer to this document in order to provide his resume accurately as the template gives the structure of resume.

Sample Chief Financial Officer Resume Template

[Provide correct data about the individual pertaining to his personal background]

Name: ________

Address: Street address __________  City ______________ State _____________ Post code _________

Contact Number: ________

Email id: ________

Date of birth: __________


  • Complete knowledge of finance related matters
  • __________
  • __________
  • __________
  • __________

[mention in details all the skills possessed by the individual]


To work as a respected and successful chief financial officer in a reputed organization where I can exhibit my _______________ [indicate the special skills possessed by the individual that he wants to apply]

Academic and Training Orientations: [Express the educational background in terms of schooling and training]

  • In _________ [state exact year] completed  Bachelor’s degree in _____________ [name of the degree]  from _________________ [name of the educational  institution]
  • In _________ [state the year], succeeded Master’s degree in _______________ [name of the degree]  from _____________________ [name of the training institute]

Employment outline: [Provide an employment summary of the candidate]

I have worked in the position of a chief financial officer for a duration of _________ to ___________ [indicate the duration of service] at ________ [state name of organization] where:

  • ___________________
  • ___________________
  • ___________________

[mention in details all the job duties performed by the individual at the organization]

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