Civil Engineering Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

A civil engineer is a person whose job is related to designing, construction and maintenance of a physical or natural structure such as a road, bridge, building etc. Such people have passed Civil engineering from accredited college and are qualified to be appointed by a construction company or firm. Any person who wishes to apply for the job of a civil engineer in a company must first frame a resume. A civil engineering resume template has been provided below for your reference and help for drafting a resume.

Sample Civil Engineering Resume Template:


Personal Details: [fill in this part with the relevant personal details]

Candidate’s name:

Full residential address:

Contact number:

Email address:

Current Employment Status:

Date of Birth:

Career objective:

Seeking a job of a civil engineer in a reputed company so that I can pursue my goal of ____________ [mention the goal/aim] and contribute to the company by showcasing my _____________ [mention the skills/qualifications].

Educational background:

  • Completed B Tech. In Civil engineering from ______[mention the name of the college/university] in the year ___________
  • Completed ___________[mention other degrees or courses pursued by the candidate] from ____________[mention the name of the institute/college] in the year ________

Professional experience:

  • I have worked for _____ [number of years] years at ______ [name of the company] at the position of a civil engineer where I gained expertise in __________ [mention the skills and experience gained by the candidate working at this job position].
  • Worked at _________ [name of the company] for ______ [number of months/years] months/years at the job position of ____________ [mention the exact job position].

Skills and areas of expertise:

  • I am ___________ and _____________ [mention the various skills or qualities of the candidate].
  • I am capable of _____________ [write down the capabilities of the candidate] and can handle _____________ [mention other qualities or capabilities of the candidate].

Other details:

  • [Mention the other details of the candidate (if any)].

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