Clothing Designer Resume Template

By | February 3, 2013

A clothing designer, also known as fashion designer, is a professional expert in creating a multitude of patterns, colors and styles of cuts and stitches in various fabrics of clothing. The resume to be prepared by such an individual has to contain general details of his/her education, training in clothing design, practical experience and skills exhibited, apart from highlighting the areas of special creativity and abilities possessed by the candidate. Thus, a clothing designer resume template must clearly and correctly contain the general guidelines for preparing such documents.

Sample Clothing Designer Resume Template:

________________________________ [give full name of candidate]

D.O.B: __ __/ __ __/ __ __ __ __

Age: ________ years

Gender: ______ [M/F]

Address: ___________________

Contact Details: ______________

Personal Information:



[this section has been provided to contain a brief introduction of the candidate]

[Mention necessary details as required in the above given spaces]

Career Objectives:

  •  ________________________________
  •  ________________________________
  •  ________________________________

[Provide details of clothing design goals set by the candidate for his/her career in the specific job]

Career Experience: 

[Mention the work history of the applicant in the respective spaces provided below]

Job Profile:

 Position Held    Company Name  Duties and Responsibilities

_____________  _______________  _________________

_____________  _______________  _________________


[Mention the awards, certificates, and recognition earned by the clothing designer]

Received the _______________________ award at ___________________________________ [give the name of the event]

Certified with ____________________________________ [mention the title of the specific clothing designer degree] _____________________________________ [mention other achievements, if any]

Education and Degrees Earned in Clothing Design:

[Give proper details of the academic qualifications possessed by the candidate]

High School: _____________________

Marks obtained: ________________ Year: _____________

Graduation: __________________________________________

Marks obtained: _________________ Year: _____________

Clothing Design Course/ Training Program:

Marks/ Grade: _____________ Year: ____________

Any other education/ design course: _________________________________

Personal Qualifications:




[Mention the candidate’s areas of expertise in clothing design and related aspects]


[Provided on request]


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