College Student Resume Template

By | October 19, 2012

Often, life is unpredictable. This is because circumstances in life can force college students to move from one place to another. When college students are forced to move from one college to another, they need to furnish a college student resume template.

A sample resume template would focus mainly on the knowledge and special abilities of the students. It should make mention of the skills that would make a good student in a college or university. The sample needs to be formatted with the right add-ons. Here is a full sample of the college student resume template.

College Student Resume Template

Gillian Anderson

Downey Street, Uptown,

New York, New York, USA

Phone Number: 118 234 345

Email ID: 

Objective: To enroll in a college or university as a college student and use skills and personal knowledge to succeed as a student with good academic achievements and other accomplishments as well.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Passed with good marks out of high school.
  • Qualified and able in extracurricular activities and courses.
  • Qualified in studies of personal interests and fields of occupation.
  • Skilled in communicating with teachers and students
  • Skilled and able in taking up assignments and completing them on time

Career Experiences:

2007 To 2009: Worked as an undergraduate intern at Charitable Accountants with the following work responsibilities:

  • worked as an apprentice under a qualified accountant and doing office work
  • helping senior accountants in preparing and analyzing the financial statements
  • Assisting accountants in new projects and assignments for the different companies

2009 To Present: Worked as shift supervisor at McDonalds with the following work responsibilities:

  • Training employees during opening and closing the outlet
  • Handling total sales and other transactions for the outlet
  • Recording transactions
  • Handling customer service facilities and amenities

Education: 2005 To 2007: Bachelor’s Degree from Arizona State University, USA

Professional references would be furnished upon request.

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