College Student Resume Template

By | September 14, 2012

A college student is an individual who is still pursuing his education and is looking for a job. As they have no work experience it is really important for them to have a resume that is impressive and can leave an impact on the mind of the recruiter. In order to draft an ideal resume, he should follow the structure given in a college student resume template. The template gives him an idea about the aspects that are important and needs to be highlighted in the resume like skills and abilities, achievements etc.

Sample College Student Resume Template

Personal details:

Name: ____________________

Date of birth: ______________

Correspondence address: ________________________

Phone number: ________________

Mobile number: ________________

Gender: _______________

Special skills:

  • Quick learner
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • _________________
  • _________________
  • _________________
  • _________________

[mention all the skills possessed by the individual that will help him in the professional field]


  • Received __________________ [award or honor] for ______________________- [reason for receiving award or honor] from ______________[name of the governing body]
  • Achieved ________________ [particular achievement made] from _________________ [name of the governing body]

Computer skills:

  • Complete knowledge of MS Office
  • Knowledge of languages such as C++, _________________
  • _________________
  • _________________
  • _________________

[various computer programs and software in which the individual possesses knowledge]

Educational qualification:

  • Currently pursuing Bachelor’s degree in _____________________ [name of the subject] from ____________________ [name of the college]. Proposed date of completion _______________ [year in which he will get his degree]
  • Completed high school from _______________________ [name of the school] in the year _______________ [year of completion]
  • Received training in ________________________ [type of training received] from ________________________ [name of the training institute] in the year ________________ [year of receiving training]

Job experience:

  • Worked as a summer intern for ________________________ [name of the organization] in ____________ [year]

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