Computer Engineering Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

A candidate applying for the job of computer engineer must know how to handle different hardware and software components in a computer. They must know the functions of designing, developing, testing and forming different features of a computer. Thus all such abilities and capacities of a person must be enlisted in his resume which would be helpful in providing him with appropriate job. With the means of computer engineering resume template, an applicant should write down his list of accomplishments in his resume, useful for acquiring the position of computer engineer.

Sample Computer Engineering Resume Template


Name of the applicant:


Mobile number:

Date of birth:

Email address:

[each individual needs to provide the correct data for the given categories]


 My aim is to be a successful and renowned computer engineer for a respectful firm and to be able to gain profit for the company I work for. Moreover___________________[ further account regarding the objective of a candidate is needed to be given, as to be able to provide him with a good job]

Academic qualifications:

  • I have done my schooling from____________ [name of the school] in year________ [year].
  • I have attained my degree of computer engineering from the institution_________[name of college/university] in the  year_______[year].
  • I have also done my specialization in courses such as C++ from the institute ____________ [name of the institute], in year________. [one may enlist all the relevant courses done by the candidate appropriate for the job]

[ any additional academic achievements may be added as per the requirements]

Details of work experience:

  • I have worked for the __________ (name of the company) company___________ for _________ [amount of time], at the position of________.
  • I have also worked for the institute__________[provide the name of the institute ] for ______years[mention number of year].

[further details of past work experience may be added along with the name of firm]

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