Computer Technician Resume Template

By | September 14, 2012

A computer technician is one who undertakes the repairs and maintenance of computer software, hardware and also the servers. The roles performed by a computer technician depending on the job profile may be classified as assessment of systems, up gradation of system specifications and installation of hardware and software for systems. In order to draft an effective resume for this job position, a computer technician resume template proves to be of great help.

Sample Computer Technician Resume Template

___________________ [mention the name of the applicant here]

Objective: [clearly mention the career goal of the applicant to help employer understand the applicant profile].

 I wish to be a part of the growing organization as a computer technician where I can make best use of my qualifications and skill sets.

Academic qualifications: [The applicant should specify all the educational qualifications acquired so far by giving specific reference to relevant educational qualification].

  • Passed high school from _________ [mention name of the school] in the year ________[mention the year of passing out].
  • Attained Bachelor’s degree from ___________ [mention name of the university/college] in the year __________ [mention year of passing out].
  • __________ [mention any other additional degrees] attained from ________ [mention name of institute] in the year _________ [mention year of passing out].

Details of work experience: [The applicant should specify all the relevant work experience that will be crucial for the employer to decide on the candidature].

  • I have worked as ___________ [mention designation] in the company __________ [mention name of the company] during _________ [ mention from to period of service].
  • Also worked earlier as ________ [mention designation] in the company __________ [mention name of the company] for a period of ___________ [mention number of years of service].

Personal profile: [personal details of the applicant that are necessary should be specified here].

  • Mailing Address :              ____________
  • Contact number :                ____________
  • Date of birth :                    ____________
  • Email address :                  ____________
  • Hobbies/interests :             ____________

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