Construction Manager Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

A construction manager is entitled to the job of handling projects related to construction by managing a team of people with valid experience and expertise in different aspects of the job. The objective is to deliver the construction project within the scheduled deadline with good quality. The job seeker who would like to become a construction manager should present his candidature through display of his skill and expertise in the construction manager resume. The expected qualification is construction and real estate, project planning, planning management and execution. The following is a sample construction manager resume template.

Sample Construction Manager Resume Template


APPLICANT DETAILS: [Provide some of the required personal details]


Full Home Address:

Full Office Address:

Contact number:

E-mail address:

Date of Birth:

CAREER OBJECTIVE: [Here you need to mention the career goals and aspirations]

I would like to become a successful construction manager and would like to be responsible for all my tasks like timely delivery, cost control, quality management, project planning, and others by applying the acquired knowledge in _________________ [mention the relevant educational qualification] and experience of ____________________ [mention if there is a relevant work experience]



  • Studied Construction Management from _________________ [provide the name of the college / university] during the years _________[from year] to___________[to year]
  • Training obtained in Business Management and Project planning from the ______________ [provide the name of the institute]
  • Gained academic project experience in ________________ [mention if any applicable project experience was gained during education] which lasted for ______________ [mention the duration in hours/months]


  • Gained training in ___________________ [mention the name of the training which is obtained in addition to academic education] which focused on education on _________________ [mention the areas of learning]


  • Languages: ______________________________________ [E.g., C, C++, SQL, HTML, Java, etc]
  • Package: ________________________________________ [E.g., MS-DOS, Microsoft Office, Linux, Unix, etc]


  • Company Name: ___________________________ [Name of the company worked for]
  • Designation: ______________________________ [Position in the company]

Roles and Responsibilities:  [describe the responsibilities in a brief] __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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