Creative Advertising Resume Template

By | August 8, 2012

Creative Advertising Professional needs to look for new and innovative ways to advertise the company’s products and services thereby enhancing the company’s business. It is essential to have a creative mind and thorough knowledge about different advertising tools in order to handle this position well. Creative Advertising Resume Template helps in understanding as to what all should be included in the resume designed for these professionals.

Sample Creative Advertising Resume Template 

________________ (Mention your name)

________________ (Mention your mobile number)

________________ (Mention your residential address)

My Aim

I aim to use fresh and novel ideas to prepare advertising campaigns. I have a good understanding of the advertising field which would help me handle various assigned tasks efficiently.

Key Skills

  • Creative
  • Thorough understanding of the Advertising field

(Here you may also add any other skills you have)

Educational Qualification

Name of the Institute Course Pursued Year of Passing
______________ (Here you need to write the name of the institute) ________________ (Here you need to write the name of the course pursued by you) ___________________ (Here you need to mention the year of passing)
____________ (Please write the name of the college where you did your bachelor’s degree from) __________________ (Here you are required to write the name of the course pursued) _______________ (Here you need to write the year of passing this course)

(You may mention about any other course pursued by you in the same format)

Professional Experience

Company Name Designation Total Experience
___________ (Please write the name of the company you are presently working with) _____________ (Please mention the designation at which you are working) ____________ (Please write since when you are working here)
______________ (Write the name of your previous employer)


______________ (Here you need to write the designation you were working at) __________ (Please write the duration of time you worked there for instance 6 months, 2 years, 3 years, etc)

Key Responsibilities handled at my current position:

_____________________________ (Mention the key responsibilities handled by you)

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