Different Types Resume Templates

By | November 20, 2012

A resume can be of many types. A resume basically depends on the profile of the candidate, the skills, experience and the educational background. Even though most of the resumes are more or less the same with the same information what makes them distinctive is the template that is used to build it.

A candidate can choose a resume template according to the profile and the highlight that needs to be provided in the resume. There are many resume templates available for a candidate to choose according to the requirements. But first the candidate needs to understand the use of each resume template so that the right one can be chosen.

The different kinds of resume templates available can be enumerated as under :-

1)      Chronological resume template – A chronological resume is one that provides all the details according to the time line of the candidate. The listing of the education and work experience is given in the reverse order of completion. This type of resume template can be used by candidates with good work experience.

2)      Functional resume template – A functional resume template is one that provides more details of the skills possessed by the candidate that are essential for a particular job. This resume template helps candidates who have breaks in their work experience and helps nullify job gaps.

3)      Combination resume template – A combination resume template is one that makes use of both chronological and functional aspects of the resume in a simple manner to make it descriptive.

4)      Academic resume template – This resume template can be used by candidates that have good educational background and strong qualifications to boast of in the resume. The highlight in this resume is the special courses or degrees acquired by the candidate from any prestigious institutions that make the candidate most suitable for the job.

Thus a candidate can choose any resume template according to professional requirement and individual skills set.

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