Draftsperson Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

A draftsperson is a professional who makes engineering designs and assists an architect to make blueprints for buildings and construction sites. Employers would expect candidates who are applying for the position of a draftsperson to have acquaintance in drawing designs and blueprints and must preferably know CAD and CAM techniques. Candidates must have both technical and functional knowledge and experience. Candidates should also have good communication skills and interpersonal skills. Candidates can use the following sample draftsperson resume template for making their own resume.

Sample Drafts person Resume Template


________________________ [Name of the candidate]

________________________ [Address line 1]

________________________ [Address line 2]

________________________ [Address line 3]

________________________ [Phone number]

________________________ [Official E-mail address]


I aim to work for an organization that is _____________________________ [give your preferences for the organization] where there are opportunities to work for __________________________ [interests in the profession of work] and contribute in the field of __________________________ [interest in the work responsibilities]. I would like to have learning opportunities in fields like ______________________________________________ [interest in the fields of learning]


  • Have work experience in _____________________________ [Total work experience with industry details]
  • Knowledge in ______________________________________ [Academic and job related knowledge]
  • Expertise in ________________________________________ [Skills obtained in schools and work]
  • Aptitude possessed in ________________________________
  • Tools and software knowledge in _______________________


  • Company1: _______________  [Starting with the latest company]
  • From: ______________ To: _______________ [Duration of work in this company]
  • Position: _______________________________ [Latest position held in this company]
  • Responsibilities: _____________________________________________________ [job description for this designation in this company]


  • Language1: Read __________ Write: ___________ Speak: ______________
  • Language2: Read __________ Write: ___________ Speak: ______________
  • Language3: Read __________ Write: ___________ Speak: ______________
  • Language4: Read __________ Write: ___________ Speak: ______________
  • Language5: Read __________ Write: ___________ Speak: ______________


  • Reference1: ________________________

Details: ________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Reference2: ________________________

Details: ________________________________________________________________________________________

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