Electronic Technician Resume Template

By | October 14, 2012

The Electronics Technician resume template allows both entry level as well as experienced professionals to design their resumes. You can effortlessly create resume for making winning impression during the job interview.

This sample electronic technician resume template briefly describes about the resume objectives and job responsibilities of Electronics Technician.

Electronic technician resume template

James Harrison

6237 Sycamore St.

Dallas, TX 75140

(620) 555 – 0239 


To seek a challenging position as an Electronic Technician in which my experience and personal abilities will be mutually allowed for optimum growth opportunities.

Summary of qualifications:

  • Professional experience of electronic technician for more than ten years
  • Proficiently qualified to handle assembly, QA testing of PC´s with along with third party printed wiring boards and proprietary software controlling Com dial VOIP systems
  • Efficient in verifying Quality of all products
  • Expert in troubleshooting manufacturing problems with Windows, Dos and UNIX
  • Expert in developing quicker ways of troubleshooting after transferring data

Career experiences:

2006 to present:

Working as Sr. Production Technician with Com dial Electronic Corporation, Dallas

  • Responsible for component level repairing of VOIP telephone systems for proprietary switches, involving PCM and FSK techniques
  • Ultimate responsibility of verifying Quality of all the products
  • Training junior technicians for advanced troubleshooting techniques
  • Creating unique solutions for testing equipments as needed

2003 – 2006:

Worked as Security Officer with General Electric-Inc., Dallas

  • Tested EDS to assure the capability of completed unit to isolate questionable objects
  • Troubleshot manufacturing problems with Dos, UNIX, and Windows
  • Developed a quicker way of transferring data for troubleshooting
  • Used SPC and Excel as tools for Computer topography x-ray system with rotating sensors


Bachelor of Applied Science in Electronics Engineering Technology

University of Dallas, Dallas, Texas

Professional references would be furnished upon request.

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