Emergency Medical Technician Resume Template

By | September 14, 2012

Emergency medical technician is one who provides medical care to patients who have had a sudden injury or illness. They help patients in an emergency medical situation. An emergency medical technician should have sufficient experience to handle stressful medical situations. The emergency technician is also expected to perform manual or airway compression techniques to restore breathing for critical patients.

All the skill sets of the candidate working in this position must be well presented in their resume and this can be done with the help of an Emergency medical technician resume template.

Sample Emergency Medical Technician Resume Template

Name: ____________________ [write complete name of the applicant here].

Career Objective : [`The candidate should specify career goal in coordination with the job position being applied for in an organization].

I want to work for a medical organization that gives me sufficient opportunity to put my medical technician skills to optimum use and render service to mankind.

Academic Background : [In this section applicant should give the details of your academic background in this section].

  • I have completed my high school from _____________ [name of the high school] with gradesĀ  of _______________ [give the grades obtained by the applicant here].
  • I have completed my graduation from ______________ [name of the university/college] in ______________ [give the specialization opted by the applicant here].

Achievements and Awards : [In this section applicant should give a brief description of academic or any other awards or achievements in a point wise manner].

  • I received an award ______________ [give the name of the award received by the applicant].

Professional Background : [In this section applicant should provide the details of work experience acquired in this section].

  • I was working as ___________[mention position worked in here] at ___________[mention name of the organization here] from period _______ to _________[mention time period of service].

Personal Details : [The applicant needs to furnish some of the personal details as given below].

Name of Father : _________________

Complete mailing address: ______________________

Phone No.: ___________________

Email Address: _________________

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