Engineering Internship Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

An engineer is a person who has gained insight into engineering in a particular stream or field such as Mechanical, electronic, electrical, robotics, architectural etc and has the ability to apply scientific knowledge into practical purposes to solve complex systems or processes. An engineering internship resume template is a well-detailed format of framing a resume to apply for an engineering internship. These templates are used by those who are not sure of the drafting process of a good resume. Given below is a sample of an engineering internship resume template for reference purpose.

Sample Engineering Internship Resume Template:


Personal details:[specify the various personal details of the candidate

candidate’s name:

Residential Address:

Mobile number:

Email address:

Employment Status:

Date of Birth:_______________[dd/mm/yy]

Career objective:

My objective is to acquire a challenging position as an intern in a company which has a motivated work environment so that I can learn from the experience and apply my knowledge and skills of ____________ [mention the field of engineering and skills of the applicant].

Academic details:

  • Obtained Bachelor’s degree in ___________ [mention the exact stream or field of engineering] engineering from ___________ [mention the name of the college] in the year ______ [mention the passing out year].
  • Obtained diploma course in ______________ [mention the name of field or subject] from _____________ [mention the name of the institute] in the year _______ [mention the year of course].

Computer skills and other areas of expertise:

  • Has knowledge of ____________ [mention the computer based knowledge details].
  • Expert at ________________ [mention the areas of expertise of the candidate].
  • Knowledge of ___________[mention other areas of expertise or skills]

Projects and presentations:

  •  Presented a paper on topic ____________ [mention the name of the paper/presentation] at _______ [mention the level] level in college.
  • Made project on the topic ___________ [mention the topic of project work].

Other details:

_______________________________ [mention the other relevant details of the candidate].

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