Entry Level Account Resume Template

By | August 8, 2012

Entry level account job duties include handling various accounts related tasks for the organization he is employed at. It is essential to pursue a degree in accountancy in order to get into this position. One must have thorough knowledge about the accounting terminology and processes in order to handle this position efficiently. Entry level account resume template is designed to give an idea about how the resume for entry level accountant should be prepared.

Sample Entry Level Account Resume Template

_________________ (Please specify your name here)

_________________ (You are required to give your address here)

_________________ (Here you need to mention your mobile number)


______________________________________ (Here you are required to mention in brief about your qualification and skills)

I am efficient at:

  • Understanding accounting terms
  • Grasping new things fast
  • Analyzing
  • Dealing with people

(You may specify any of your efficiency or mention the ones above if these match yours)

My Educational Qualification

  • I have pursued a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy (Or you may specify any other subject in which you have attained the degree) from _____________ (Specify the name of the college). Completed this degree in ___________ (Specify the year of completion).
  • I have pursued a diploma in ____________ (Mention the course name) from __________ (Name the institute) in the year ____________ (Mention the year in which you pursued this diploma)

(You need to write about any other course pursued by you in the same format as above)


  • I attended my internship program at __________ (Name the organization) in the year ____________ (Mention the year)

Key Learning from the Internship program:




(Mention your key learning during the internship program)

My Hobbies

  • Reading Fiction
  • Dancing

(Please mention any of your hobbies or write the ones mentioned here if these match yours)

Other Personal Details

_______________ (Write your date of birth)

________________(Mention your marital status here)

________________(Mention your nationality in the given space)

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