Entry Level Engineering Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

Entry level engineering resume template is an outline of a resume which is prepared by a fresh engineering graduate who is interested in applying for an entry level job as an engineer in a company or organization. These templates are effective in explaining how the resume is to be framed. An entry level engineering resume must explain in detail, the various qualifications or skills of the candidate. Given below is a sample of an entry level engineering resume template which can be used for reference purpose.

Sample Entry Level Engineering Resume Template:



Residential Address:

Phone :

Email ID:

Seeking job position:

Career goal:

Seeking a job position of an entry level ________ [field of engineering] engineer so that i am able to put into use my extensive knowledge, qualifications and passion for ________[mention the passion] and also help the company through my services.

Educational details:

  • ________ [year] –completed B Tech. In _______
  • [mention field of engineering] engineering from _____________[name of the college or university].
  • ________ [year]-completed __________ [mention other education degrees] from _____________[mention name of institute].

Awards and affiliations:

  • Received ___________ [name of award or affiliation] from __________[name of person/association who gave the award or affiliation].
  • Was awarded the ___________ [name of award] for my contribution to __________[reason why award was given].

Skills and areas of expertise:

  • I am an extremely _________ individual [mention the skill or quality of the candidate here] who is focused towards his goals.
  • I have the ability to handle ____________ [mention the duties and responsibilities which the candidate can handle].
  • I am __________ and ______________ [mention the other skills or qualities of the candidate].
  • Apart from ___________ [mention the capability], i can also work for long hours in a team set up.

Computer skills and other set of skills:

  • Proficiency in _______ [mention names of all computer languages and programs known to the candidate].

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