Entry Level IT Resume Template

By | October 19, 2012

Entry level Information technology professionals are people who have recently passed out of technology courses and colleges. Those, who hold graduate degrees in the field of technology, can use these degrees to secure reputable positions in technology firms as entry level interns.

The interns have to do basic tasks and duties and learn the bigger organizational activities. A sample entry level IT resume template is one which will be of help to candidates. Interns have a lot of scope to learn more about IT. It is a job that will nurture the interns. Here is a full sample of the resume.

Entry Level IT Resume Template

John Charles F. Kane

18, Landau Real Estate, New York,

New York, USA

Phone Number: 117 234 567

Email ID: citizenkane@gmail.com 

Objective: To secure the job of an entry level IT professional with a major technology firm and help in understanding organization activities and performing duties for the company.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Skilled and certified with Helpdesk technologies.
  • Qualified in the field of different operating systems like Windows and Linux systems.
  • Qualified in operating different databases and websites.
  • Qualified in using different computer languages like SQL, HTML and other languages.
  • Skilled in operating software programs

Career Experiences:

2007 To 2010: Worked as entry level Help Desk analyst at Google with the following work responsibilities:

  • handling troubleshooting of technical problems and system errors
  • handling technical issues like system crashes.
  • Engaging and tracking priority issues
  • Documenting reports about problems and problem-solving methods.

2010 To Present: Worked as entry level IT analyst at Bing with the following work responsibilities:

  • handling troubleshooting of technical problems like system errors and crashes.
  • Conducting technological research and studies
  • achieving customer satisfaction levels

Education: 2004 To 2007: BS in Computer Information Systems, Arizona State University, USA

Professional references would be furnished upon request.

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