Entry Level Management Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

An entry level management resume is a resume of a person who is applying for the entry level job in the field of management. This job position is the most basic jobs in the management or administration section of a company and is generally taken up by fresh graduates or fresh management postgraduates. An entry level management resume template is a template or self-explanatory format of a resume which helps people to draft perfect entry level management resumes for themselves. Given below is a sample of the same.

Sample Entry Level Management Resume Template:


Personal information: [write down the personal details of the individual below]

Name of candidate:

Age of candidate:

Gender of candidate:

mobile number:

residential address:

email address:

Work Objective:

I am looking for an entry level job position in a ___________[mention the type of company] wherein I would be given an opportunity to put my skills, knowledge and education to good use and move ahead in my career towards my goal of ______________[mention the objective or goal of the individual].

Educational qualifications:

  • Pursued graduation in ____________ [mention the stream of graduation] from ___________ [mention the college‚Äôs name] in the year___________ [mention the year of completion].
  • Pursued my Post graduation in ________________ [mention name of subject or field] from _____________ [mention name of college] in the year _____________ [mention the year of completion of PG].
  • _________________________ [write down the other courses or degrees pursued by the candidate].

Skills and expertise areas:

  • I am an individual with an interest in _____________ [mention areas of interest].
  • I am a ______ and ___________person [mention the skills or qualities of the individual] and can be pretty efficient when it comes to ____________ [mention areas of expertise].

Training and internships:

  • I did my summer internship at ____________ [mention name of company] where I was responsible for __________ [mention duties and responsibilities of the candidate].

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