Entry Level Marketing Resume Template

By | September 14, 2012

An entry level marketing job is a job at the first level of the marketing department of an organization and meant for those with no or very little experience in the field of marketing. They have to meet the sales target given to them by getting customers for the organization. An individual applying for the position of an entry level marketing job needs to draft his resume in a way so that it leaves an impression on the recruiters. The only solution to do this is to follow the structure given in an entry level marketing resume template.

Sample Entry Level Marketing Resume Template

                                               Name of the applicant: __________

Date of birth of applicant: _____________

Address of the applicant: ____________________________

Cell phone number: ________

Landline number: __________

E mail id: ___________


Seeking a job position as an entry level marketing personnel in a reputed organization that will help me grow as a professional and also help me improve my convincing as well as customer service skills. I want to apply my ___________________________ [mention in details the various skills that the applicant wants to apply]


  • ___________________
  • _____________________
  • ________________________
  • ____________________________

[summarize the profile of the applicant and also his skills that would be significant for the job position]

Educational qualification:

  • Bachelors degree in ____________[ field in which degree is completed] from ____________________ [name of the institute] in the year _________________ [year of completion of the degree]


  • ___________________
  • _____________________
  • ________________________
  • ________________________

[mention in details the various achievements made by the applicant]

Previous work experience:

  • Worked in the position of an intern in the marketing department ________________ [name of the employer organization] from ______________ [joining date] to _____________ [leaving date]. My job functions were _________________________________ [mention in details the job functions in the organization]

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