Entry Level Student Resume Template

By | May 30, 2013

An entry level student is an individual who has recently completed his degree and has no work experience. They are looking for a job where they have to join in the entry level. As entry level students have no work experience it is compulsory that they mention the various skills and abilities possessed by them in their resume. An idea about the points to be mentioned in the resume can be obtained from an entry level student resume template.

The resume must also mention the industry in which the candidate aspires to make a career.

Sample Entry Level Student Resume Template

Name of the Applicant [The complete name of the applicant should be specified here and the address and contact details below].

Correspondence address: __________________________

Landline number: _____________

Cell phone number: _____________

Email id: ____________

Essential skills and abilities:

[The skills and attributes of the candidate should be specified here which are necessary for hiring the candidate for the job by the employers].

  • Quick at learning things
  • Good observation skills
  • Good management and organizational skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Impressive inter personal skills
  • ______________
  • _____________
  • ____________
  • ______________
  • _____________

Educational qualification:

Name of University/College/ educational institute

Name of the qualification acquired

Year of acquisition of qualification


[mention the specific qualification along with the name of the educational institute and the year of completion of the specific course or degree]

Computer knowledge:

Proficient in:

  • ______________
  • _____________
  • ____________
  • ______________
  • _____________

[it is preferable to have computer knowledge so mention the various software, program and applications in which the candidate has proficiency]


[ This section must provide the details about the hobbies and other interests of the candidate]

  • Listening music
  • Playing cricket
  • Reading fiction novels
  • _________________________
  • _______________________
  • ____________________

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