Event Management Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

An event management job is done by an individual who is responsible for managing events and also providing professional client services in an event management company. Their duty is to plan, arrange and manage events and also ensure that the volunteers involved in the event do their job properly. An event management resume template is a document that gives the structure for drafting a sample resume in an event management job. An individual applying for the job position of an event manager can refer to this document for making an impressive resume.

Sample Event Management Resume Template

Personal information:

Name ______________

Residential Address:_______________________________________

Residential contact number: ___________

Cell phone number: ________________

E mail id: _____________

Date of birth: ____________ [dd/mm/yy format]

Gender: ____________

Nationality: ________________

Marital status: _________________

Educational and training qualification:

  • Passed ____________________ [name of the degree or course] from ____________________ [name of the educational institution or school] in the year _________
  • Certificate course in ____________ [name of the course] from _____________________ [name of the training institute] in the year ______________


  • ______________________
  • _______________________
  • _________________________
  • __________________________

[mention the various credentials of the individual that are significant to the job position]

Career goal:

To work in the field of event management for a prestigious event management company and apply my knowledge and experience in the field of events.

Work experience:

  • Worked in the position of an event manager in ________________ [name of the event management company] from ______________ [joining date] to _____________ [leaving date]. My job functions were:
  1. _________________
  2. _________________
  3. __________________
  4. __________________
  • Worked in the position of __________________ [designation type] in ________________ [name of the organization] from ______________ [joining date] to _____________ [leaving date] where:





[mention in details the job responsibilities of the individual in that organization

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