Fashion Consultant Resume Template

By | August 10, 2012

Fashion consultants work in fashion and lifestyle industry, designer boutiques or with celebrities and serve the fashion needs of society. Their duty is to assist clients regarding latest fashion, makeovers, designer clothes, fabrics and much more. Hence, such kind of candidates must present their proficiencies efficiently through a well-constructed resume to get the desired job. This could be done with the fashion consultant resume template which outlines entire lineation required for detailing the career profile of a candidate effectively.

Sample Fashion Consultant Resume Template



Phone no.:




Date of birth:

Marital status:

Blood group:


Areas of interest:


I want an interesting position of a fashion consultant at a well-known firm and apply my skills and knowledge for catering fashion needs of clients.

KEY SKILLS[ mention the skills of the applicant which are required to acquire the desired job position]:

  1.                        .
  2.                        .
  3.                         .
  4.                         .


  • Obtained master’s degree in Fashion management with a specialization in                   [name of the topic] from                                   [name of the university] with            grade in the year       .
  • Obtained bachelor’s degree in Fashion management from                      [name of the institution/university] in the year         .
  • In the year           received training certificate on Fashion management from                    [name of the institute].

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE[mention name of every organization where the applicant has worked in his/her previous years of employment]:

  • Worked as fashion consultant at                        [name of the organization] from    to   [duration of the job].
  1.                      .
  2.                      .
  3.                      .[mention duties performed by the applicant at the particular organization]
  4.                        .
  5.                        .
  6.                        .[mention duties performed by the applicant at the particular organization]
  • Worked as a fashion consultant at                   [name of the organization] from    to     [duration of the job].

                 Reference will be furnished on request

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