Fitness Trainer Resume Template

By | January 12, 2015

A fitness trainer is a person who either works in a gym or any other health facility to help people or clients maintain their fitness levels. The trainer provides training regimes to each client so as to help them get into the perfect body shape and fitness levels.

A fitness trainer resume template is a document which helps a candidate to create a resume to apply for a job. The template acts as a ready to use and easy to customize document which can help a person is creating an impressive resume. A sample of a fitness trainer resume template is given below.

Sample Fitness Trainer Resume Template

Name of the Candidate

Address of the candidate

Contact number of the candidate

Email address of the candidate

[enter all the personal details of the applicant applying for the position of fitness trainer here]


Seeking the job of a fitness trainer in a _____________ [enter facility description] so as to fulfil my aim and goal of ________________ [enter goal/aim of the candidate].[enter the career objective statement in brief]

Career History of the candidate

  • I have worked as a ___________ [give job position name] at ___________ [give facility name] for a period of ____________ [give time period of service].
  • I have also gained experienced by working at ___________ [give facility name] as a ___________ [give job position name] for ___________ [give time period of service].

Academic qualifications and details:

  • I completed my _____________ [give degree/course name] from ________ [give institute name] in the year.
  • I completed my training/certification from ____________ [give institute name] in the year________ [give year name].

_________________________ [give all the other qualification qualifications and details.

Skills possessed

  • [give all the personal or physical skills possessed by the applicant point wise]

[Give all the other skills and areas of expertise of the applicant point wise].

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