Floral Designer Resume Template

By | September 14, 2012

Flowers symbolize beauty and are usually used for the purpose of decoration. Thus it is necessary for floral designers to have extensive knowledge in decorating and making designs with flowers. A floral designer should be creative in nature and is usually hired in a floral boutique or a hotel. The resume of the individual applying for the position of a floral designer should include his strong points and his knowledge in the field of floral designing. A floral designer resume template will give an idea about what are the key factors and details that the individual has to mention in his resume.

Floral Designer Resume Template

Personal information:[mention personal details of the candidate]

Applicant’s name: ___________

Residential Address: __________________________

Residential Phone number: ___________

Mobile phone number: ________________

Email ID: ___________

Employment Status: ___________

Marital Status: ___________

Date of Birth: ___________ [dd/mm/yy format]

Skill sets:

  • _______________
  • _________________
  • ________________

[mention all the possible skills sets possessed by the individual, especially the ones required for this job]


To make a career as a floral designer and make unique floral designs by applying my __________________ [skills that the candidate wants to apply]. I want to bring the concept of floral design in various events.

Work experience: [mention the current and previous work experience]

  • Currently working in the position of a floral designer in ___________________ [name of the flower shop] since _________________ [date of joining the organization] where my job functions are ________________

[mention in details all the job responsibilities of the individual in the organization]

  • Worked as _______________ [job designation type] with ________________ [name of the organization] from ____________________ [date of joining] to ________________ [date of leaving] where I ____________________________

[mention in details all the job responsibilities of the individual in the organization]


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