Functional Analyst Resume Template

By | August 8, 2012

A functional analyst is an individual who is responsible for conducting meetings with the clients and also inquiring with the client about requirement of systems. They may also have to analyze the complete requirement and forward it to the designers in a certain format.  The duty of a functional analyst is a very critical one in an organization and so it is necessary that when an individual is applying for this position he needs to prepare his resume correctly. A functional analyst resume template is a ready to use document that provides a format in which a resume for this position must be drafted.

Sample Functional Analyst Resume Template

Name: ________________

Profile summary:       

I am an individual with ___________________ [total number of years or months] of working experience in the position of a functional analyst. I want to make best use of my all these years or wok experience for the benefit of the organization.

Address: _______________________________________

Contact number: _______________________

Email id: ___________________

Date of birth: ___________

Gender: ___________________

Awards and recognitions:

  • Received _______________ [name of the award] from ________________ [name of the awarding body]
  • Was awarded _______________ [name of the award] from ________________ [name of the governing body]

Academic and Training Orientations: [Express the educational background in terms of schooling and training]

  • In _________ [state exact year] completed  ______________ [name of the degree or training] from _________________ [name of the educational  institution]
  • In _______________ [state exact year] completed  Masters in Business Administration from _________________ [name of the business school]

Employment outline: [Provide an employment summary of the candidate]

I have worked as a functional analyst for a duration of  __________ [indicate the tenure of service] at ________ [name of the organization] where:

•           ___________________

•           ___________________

•           ___________________

[mention in details all the job duties performed by the individual at the organization]

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