Game Designer Resume Template

By | September 14, 2012

A game designer is an individual who specializes in designing video games for software as well video game manufacturer companies.  They may also have to come up with a concept of a game or develop the given concept or storyboard into a game so that it can be played on a digital platform. He should have excellent innovative skill and good technical skills as well. A game designer resume template is a document that gives an effective start to the career of an individual applying for the position of a game designer by helping him to draft an ideal resume. The template gives an idea about points to be included in the resume.

Game Designer Resume Template

[Provide correct data about the individual pertaining to his personal background]

Name: __________

Address: Street address __________  City ______________ State _____________ Post code _________

Contact Number: __________

Email id: __________


Very innovative, highly talented, result driven and creative individual who wants to make a career in the field computer games ____________________ [type of organization in which the individual wants to work] and help in progress of the business of the organization.

Core Competencies:

  • ________________
  • __________________
  • _________________
  • _________________

[mention in details the competencies of the individual that will help him in the job]

Academic Qualification:

  • Bachelors in designing and multimedia from __________________ [name of the university] in the year _________________ [year of completion of degree]

Employment outline: [Provide an employment summary of the candidate]

I have worked as ____________ [name the job title] for a duration of _________ [indicate the duration of service] at ________ [state name of organization] where:

  • ___________________
  • ___________________
  • ___________________

[mention in details all the job duties performed by the individual at the organization]

Achievements: [ Here the candidate can mention various achievements including names of the games designed by him]

  • Awarded ______________
  • Designed the popular ____________
  • ________________________
  • ___________________

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