General Practitioner Resume Template

By | June 19, 2012

A general practitioner is a medical physician who is qualified and responsible for treating acute illnesses and provides preventive care to all age groups. He/she is skilled enough to treat multiple illnesses or diseases and provide cure of general health issues. In order to be appointed as a general practitioner in a hospital or a medical clinic, a person needs to frame a resume which is well framed and speaks of the qualifications and skills. A general practitioner resume template has been provided below for help and reference purposes.

Sample General Practitioner Resume Template

General Practitioner Resume

Personal details: [give the personal details of the applicant in this part]

Name of applicant:

Age of applicant:


Email address:

Residential address:

Phone number:

Career objective:

Looking for a job designation of a general practitioner in a medical set up or hospital wherein i would be given a chance to ______________ [specify the goal or passion of the applicant] and use my _____________ [specify the skills or experience of the applicant].

Professional experience:    

  • I have previously worked as a ______________ [specify the job designation at which the candidate has worked] in ____________ [specify the name of the medical centre or hospital for _______ [specify the number of years].
  • I have gained experience by working at ______________ [specify name of hospital or medical centre] for _______ [specify the number of years].

Academical details:

  • Pursued___________ [specify name of degree] from ___________ [specify name of college or university], completed in the year _______ [specify the year of completion].
  • Pursued ___________[specify the name of post graduation degree] from ___________[specify name of college or university] and completed in the year _______[indicate the year of passing out]

Special skills and areas of expertise:

  • I am skilled to ___________ [specify the skills of the individual] and also i am capable of performing _____________ [specify capabilities/duties] quite efficiently and with diligence.
  • I am _________ and _____________[specify other skills]

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